It feels like a mix of June and August. On the one hand the extreme fertility of late spring in the air, all the blossoms opened and smelling, everything growing, and on the other hand the heat of a late August day that sometimes gets mixed into it, the humid smell of hot gras, drops of nectar on the dark green leaves on the trees and then the warm wind carrying the first soft appearance of death, taking away the first lifes, ending the beauty. The feeling you have when a hot summer's day ends into a thunderstorm or when it's getting cold after the sun set and you begin to shiver although you've been to hot all day. And then there's a little of desire in it, hard to take notice of, like wishes sneak into your consciousness when you've been lying awake for hours and can't tell between this and the other world anymore. Lying without blanket, still sweating in the warm nightair that just doesn't seem to move at all. You toss and turn, unable to even tell what keeps you awake. And then suddenly you feel the presence of a girl.

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