"I don't know much about you...but it seems to me that you think you are insecure because people make you think so.
See it this way: This world we are living in, which is formed and ruled by stupid people who know nothing about what life is about, is completely weird.
It is everything that it says it isn't. And people who think, people who don't let their dreams be formed by stupid MTV crap, have a hard time getting along with this world.

If you think you're strange (as I always did since I was 15), you're probably wrong. It's not you but them. This world is strange. There's nothing normal about animals being tortured, people starving while others are throwing away their food, there's nothing normal about teenagers trying to kill themselves, nothing normal about parents not wanting their children, nothing normal about doing a lousy job every day, nothing normal about wasting all your life in front of the tv. Nothing normal about getting cancer from cell phones just because the people who get millions from selling them tell you that cell phones are not dangerous. It's not normal that kids and animals are being overrun by cars, nothing normal about most jobs. There's nothing normal about lying dozens of times a day, what everybody does without even noticing. Nothing in this world is normal. You think you are strange? You think you are wrong? Maybe you are just normal, hm? Maybe I am normal; at least I'm trying to.

If you think you are wrong because this world makes you think so a hundred times a day and you don't get to hear that you are right one single time a day, then you will always think you're wrong. Don't wait for that. Believe in yourself.
Look where all the others, who try to be what is called normal, end up.
Do you think you'd ever be happy because you've got the newest cellphone on the market? Will a huge car ever make you happy? Will wearing expensive clothes do? See, and neither are they, that's why they are never happy but just "having fun" to not notice.
When you're dying, do you think you'll be more satisfied with your life because you've been to New York for two days of shopping?

When I spend my time walking through the rain I don't think I'm wrong just because nobody else would do that. Why should I be wrong when I say that a sky full of stars is one of the most beautiful things? Just because nobody else pays attention to it and destroys this wonderful view by lightening up the night? Why would I try to be as dead as all the others are when I know what being alive feels like? They don't even know what they are missing and still they think they have a right to tell me I was wrong. All I have for them is pity.

It is important in life to know your dreams. In this society finding out about what your own dreams are is probably harder than making them come true, if doing the latter should be neccessary at all.
I tell you, one can surely have a great time on this planet by just floating in the masses, doing whatever he thinks is fun and thinking about nothing else. But you know that this is a wasted life, and that this kind of living is what causes this world to be as strange as it is and what causes others to never even get a chance of having a life to enjoy. There are some people who have very egoistic goals and they can very easily get to where they want to be because people without opinion, those who are just floating mindlessly, are so easy to manipulate. I don't know if they like to be fooled or if they just don't see. Well, probably they're just looking away cause they think that would make them not responsible.

But what I know is that you are beautiful as long as you know your dreams and you don't let people take them from you. You are unique, as long as you don't let the stupid masses turn you into one of them. Be different, not for it's own sake, but be different because you are yourself. And most important...never think you are less just because you're different."

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