It's not just nice to do so, but important as well, that we, who we still have the chance to, frequent nature, open ourselfes to it, feel the sensations only this can create, those that form our spirit, that give freedom and happiness to us, and put them down into words, melodies or pictures to make them concrete.
This way we are able to show the beauty they've come from to those who will be coming after us or who for some other reason can't make these experiences themselves;
Or, if this isn't possible, to at least give them the impulse, the support, the guidance they need to find their own way to those feelings deep inside themselves.

The beauty of life and nature is what everybody should have felt at least once in his life, it is what every single living soul is drawn to and everything that is true. This calm spot deep inside your soul, where you are at peace with everything, where you are free of every burden, is the only place everybody needs to have been to.
Else, he has not lived but has just, like so many others, made his way as a dead and empty hull through a confusing, hectic, inapprehensible, hurting world, a ghost of himself, holding on to feelings and believes that are not real, cheating himself, following the wishes that are suggested to be his own by a commercial, egoistic, fanatic society.
And in all the bustling, all the busy work it takes to get along with this fake life, those humans see neither left nor right, get selfish, ignorant, arrogant and fussy, even those, who claim to be different, but they are not different as long as their world consists of "them" and "me".
In their delusion people do not just lose their own individuality and the memory of what makes life worth living, forget to appreciate it because it seems so small and easy to have, but they also make it impossible for the few people who, lonely, still seek the silence, the darkness, the calmness, the stars, the clear water or, generally spoken, nature's beauty, to get into these pleasures that are more precisely to be called basic needs.
They take from them what everybody got from nature completely free and naturally, just because it seems to small for them to be desireable. They don't just die themselves but take dignity from all the others who might still be alive.

Noise can always disturb silence, light pollute darkness and hecticness drive away calmness, but never does it work the other way round.
Even one single person can always make noise, light or bustle but to experience silence, darkness or calmness, everybody needs to introvert, sacrifice something, make himself small, even though in this very moment every single one has almost unlimited freedom. But it's worth it...

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