Wouldn't the world be a sad place if the sun wouldn't set on a red horizon? Wasn't it sad if there weren't dewdrops on every blade of grass in the mornings? If rain wasn't accompanied by a beautiful rainbow once in a while? If thunderstorms wouldn't have the nicest smell and feeling over them when drawing near? If there were no seasons? If flowers wouldn't smell? If rain wasn't cold and cleaning, air wasn't fresh every morning, stars wouldn't twinkle, we weren't watched at by the moon? If birds wouldn't sing, sunrays wouldn't feel like life itself on your skin, waves weren't constantly rolling onto the shores? If wind wouldn't pull on your hair? What if we couldn't cry? If sun wasn't reflecting everywhere, leaves weren't rustling in the wind, nights weren't ever warm, day and night wouldn't shift? Wasn't it sad if eyes weren't as colorful as they are? Trees weren't green, earth was flat, clouds wouldn't shapeshift or drift at all? If there were no starfalls? If we wouldn't have to fear to never see a good friend again whenever we part?

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